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Coatings & Adhesives

In the field of Coatings & Adhesives, the MCC – Menssing Chemiehandel & Consultants GmbH is a competent supply partner. Over the years, we have earned an excellent reputation through expertise, reliability and industry experience.

Every single day, we encounter coating products and additives in hundreds of everyday products. Besides improving the surface of materials such as metal, paper, card or plastic, they also add new properties such as chemical and physical stability.

The required properties often include resistance to light, moisture, oxygen or mechanical stress, as well as improved antifriction properties or solubility. Coatings and additives are thus often used e.g. as a component in packaging, varnishes, adhesives and sealants.

This division also includes high-performance additives for oils and hydraulic fluids that help increase the efficiency, performance and life expectancy of engines and hydraulic systems. As a result, they can e.g. reduce the fuel consumption and thus also the CO2 emissions of commercial vehicles.

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