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Specialty Chemicals

In the field of specialty chemicals, MCC supplies various products for very specific applications. Amongst other things, the speciality chemicals division focuses on crosslinking technologies. Crosslinkers promote the colourfastness and weather-resistant properties of varnish. Their field of application ranges from coatings for industrial floors all the way to UV and weather resistant automotive paints and the crosslinking of powder coatings.

In collaboration with our well-qualified partners, we are constantly working on the development and improvement of user-specific products. In the specialty chemicals segment too, MCC strives to be a leading provider. Our specialist expertise, reliability and many years of experience in the sector provide an excellent basis for lasting and successful partnerships.


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Our Specialty Chemicals division offers you unique chemicals for a wide variety of applications such as:


  • Esterification and transesterification catalysts
  • Chelating agents
  • Catalysers for phase transfer catalysts (PTC)
  • Stabilisers
  • Crosslinker
  • Crosslinking agents

Range of Specialty Chemicals