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Plastic Additives

Plastics additives are one of the core competencies of MCC’s activities. This area mainly involves additives for the PVC stabilisers industry.

Before PVC can be processed into products, it has to be blended with special additives that have a crucial influence on the performance properties of the PVC product. The properties PVC is required to have are extremely diverse – as are the areas of application for the additives.

The most important additives for use in PVC are substances that improve physical properties such as temperature, light and weather resistance, toughness, elasticity and transparency. Additives are also used to improve workability. All the substances are permanently bonded with the finished PVC product.

The PVC additives used today have to satisfy demanding requirements. They have to be used in minimum amounts to achieve maximum effect – without that effect being compromised by the various processes used for the production of the respective moulded component. The PVC additives have to give the finished product the desired properties for the duration of its useful life.

In line with changing environmental attitudes, the PVC-processing industry has decided to ban heavy metal-based stabiliser systems from the market (Vinyl 2010). In accordance with the new requirements, MCC has switched its focus to new, eco-friendly raw materials. In future, new products such as various metal acetylacetonates will replace the old lead-based products.

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Range of Plastic Additives


CAS NR. 2440-22-4